A Simple Explanation of Salvation

It is the most natural thing for a person to try and manage their life with the hope that the choices they make will eventually produce happiness and wholeness. This was a privilege that was first given to Adam and Eve in the garden. Their lives where complete as they lived in close fellowship with God. Yet there came a day that Adam and Eve disobeyed one of God’s commands and they immediately where expelled from paradise. This expulsion not only introduced them to a fallen world, but they also lost that healthy connection with God. Salvation is an invitation to get back to a personal relationship with God.

Without God’s support Adam and Eve now faltered in their ability to manage their lives. In essence they became unplugged from the Spirit of God and where now destined for eternal separation and failure. However God spoke to them about a redeemer that could bring them, and all men, back into favor with God. A redeemer is one that pays the price for our sin.

In this case 4000 years later the Son of God “Jesus (Yeshua)” came to earth in the form of a man to pay the price for mankind’s sin. What He did was die on the Cross and shed his blood.

  • In dying, He was taking upon Himself the punishment that was due us.
  • By shedding His blood he was satisfying Gods requirements that blood be shed in order to pay the price for mankind’s sin.

If you never have asked for salvation, then it means that you are still in your sins and will one day be punished for those sins. That includes hell and separation from God for an eternity. However the easy way to remedy this is to simply accept what Jesus did for you on the Cross, ask Him to forgive all your sins, and then invite Him to come and live in your heart.

When you are sincere in your request, His Spirit comes and dwells in your heart, you are made alive like never before and you are brought into fellowship with God. To add to this wonderful transformation God makes you a brand new person; one that is free of all the physical, emotional, and spiritual bondage that once was apart of your past. The Savior creates a new life for you, makes you clean, makes you whole and lets you live with Him forever.

That’s a good deal, I’d take it if I were you.


Jesus, I’ve tried to save myself and failed.

I ask that you will forgive me all my sins

And come into my heart by your Spirit and make me new.

I accept you as my personal Savior and want all the advantages of your salvation.

Thank you for this free gift of salvation.

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