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We are a Bible based ministry that offers a simple, gentle and effective means of gaining freedom in Jesus (Yeshua). Because of the pressures placed upon us by a  fallen world, we can find benefit in understanding biblical deliverance. This way of escape is based on God’s ability to bring change to our lives and we can  actually gain freedom in physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual ways.  If as a Christian you find yourself drawn to this subject it maybe because you have yet to see certain problems removed from your walk. Maybe its  attitudes that keep resurfacing, maybe its  behavior problems , maybe its a matter of being improperly owned, or maybe it is a spiritual matter causing you trouble. All these matters and more can be resolved in Jesus. So take a look around and get some added insight as to how to live successfully in Christ.
Out from the Shadow of Other Gods
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Every Christian is desperate for a true relationship and life changing experience with God, but our most prevalent model of success and failure has been religion. The things that have been taught us have had more to do with man’s search for a god, rather than in God showing us His ways. There is a place where religion dies and genuine relationship begins. The first in a series, the author provides a platform for change and a simple yet powerful way out from the trappings of humanities religion. Ministering with honor to the pastor as well as to the prodigal and revealing a surprising bounty of Jesus in every page. Get ready to be encouraged, challenged, and renewed in your walk of faith. 
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   ” The Shadow of the Spiritual”
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 Got Spirit?
That’s an interesting question, but after two thousand years of Christian history, maybe we should be asking “which spirit?” Though the Christian faith has been provided with a sure foundation in Christ, our propensity to get worldly or even religious has actually pushed us past safe boundaries. There is a quagmire of spiritual alternatives all vying for our attention, yet none of them has anything to do with a true faith in Jesus.  “The Shadow of the Spiritual” is meaty, thought provoking, in-depth look into the rising tide of spiritual pollution within the Church. Its lingering effects remain oppressive and damaging to any believer who desires a pure expression of relationship with the Son of God. This self help book is a must read for any Christian wanting to understand how improper spiritual connections get formed, fed and how unhealthy spiritual bondage gets passed around. Yet, by embracing a simple biblical truth, we can separate ourselves from all sorts of added trouble. The second in a series, the author provides a platform for change and a simple yet powerful way out from the trappings of humanities many fallen exploits.  
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